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  1. Okay so in my signature it's telling me I can't have more than one image and it has to be probably 4 lines long. I believe we can have a long signature, and up to 3 images, I don't understand why we can't have more than one.
  2. Because then the forums would be full off the huggle crap.
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  3. Disagree.
    Signatures are already annoying, having the possibility of using 3 images in a row would fill up much of the page.
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  4. No, that's why we limit it to 1 image, or even 0 images if I was to decide.
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  5. @j0ach1mmall3
    Some forums have a scroll bar, I would add it if I had a choice.
  6. I just have one massive banner.

    Anyone hate it...?
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  7. I thought I was on not
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  8. @Redpanda50
    If someone is annoyed by your signature then they shouldn't look at it. I think it looks awesome honestly.
  9. I don't see the need for that.
    What images should you want to fill your signature with in the first place?
    Your signature is like your house's front door, you won't fill that with stupid crap either, right?
  10. @j0ach1mmall3
    Well if people want to have long signatures then they should have a scroll bar. I'm just doing this for the purpose of everyone's freedom, we shouldn't be restricted.
  11. If @md_5 thinks you should be restricted, then you are restricted. That's how it goes on a forum, there are rules, and one of them is that you can't have more than one image in your signature. period.
  12. The only problem I have with its length is that I'm going to struggle to fit another guide in on mobile :(
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  13. That signature is like the most used all over these forums.. I will not 'huggle' you.
  14. I partially agree. I'd like 2 images in mine. side by side of course to not take up more space.
    I'm ok with just the one though.
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  15. saphiria


    I like one picture if not none. But I have an idea. Screenshot your wanted signature, then use that one image as it. ;) Creative?
  16. Signatures that have a scrollbar so that you can see all the content look retarded.
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  17. quite creative indeed. however my other picture is a gif that changes on refresh. :3
  18. Easy! Make a gif of the static image and the gif as it... gifs? Whatever the applicable verb is. ;)
  19. how might I merge the gifs?
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