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    SignMenu allows you to easily create client sided sign editor menus. As of current versions, use of ProtocolLib (4.4.0-b421) is required.

    To start, you'll want to keep a single instance of the class somewhere in your project where you can easily access it.

    In the example below, I will be defining the instance in my main class.

    Code (Java):
    public class MyPlugin extends JavaPlugin {

          private SignMenuFactory signMenuFactory;

          public void onEnable() {
               this.signMenuFactory = new SignMenuFactory(this);

          public SignMenuFactory getSignMenuFactory() {
               return this.signMenuFactory;
    Now to show a menu to a player:
    Code (Java):
    //yay for lambdas!
    public void foo(Player target) {
                 .newMenu(Lists.newArrayList("&a&lExample", "&4&lSign", "&4", "&3"))
                 .response((player, lines) -> {
                     if (player.getName().equals("Notch") && lines[0].equals("Hello")) {
                         return true;
                     return false; // failure. becaues reopenIfFail was called, menu will reopen when closed.

    And would appear in game as (with each of the lines outputted to the player):[​IMG]


    Well, why don't we just create throw away instances to simple open a sign and receive input from it?

    Good question! This is because we do not want our packet listeners to initially stack on top of one another, this has the same result as registering Bukkit API listeners more than once.

    Initially, I thought of doing this, however, it would be much easier to have a reference to the object itself and have it self managing instead of having to inject your own main class instance whenever needed in certain parts of the source code, as well as not wanting a messy check determining if the packet adapter has been registered already.

    SOURCE CODE v4.0

    Code (Java):
    import com.comphenix.protocol.PacketType;
    import com.comphenix.protocol.ProtocolLibrary;
    import com.comphenix.protocol.wrappers.BlockPosition;
    import com.comphenix.protocol.wrappers.nbt.NbtCompound;
    import org.bukkit.Bukkit;
    import org.bukkit.ChatColor;
    import org.bukkit.Location;
    import org.bukkit.Material;
    import org.bukkit.entity.Player;
    import org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin;

    import java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException;
    import java.util.HashMap;
    import java.util.List;
    import java.util.Map;
    import java.util.Objects;
    import java.util.function.BiPredicate;

    public final class SignMenuFactory {

        private static final int ACTION_INDEX = 9;
        private static final int SIGN_LINES = 4;

        private static final String NBT_FORMAT = "{\"text\":\"%s\"}";
        private static final String NBT_BLOCK_ID = "minecraft:sign";

        private final Plugin plugin;

        private final Map<Player, Menu> inputReceivers;

        public SignMenuFactory(Plugin plugin) {
            this.plugin = plugin;
            this.inputReceivers = new HashMap<>();

        public Menu newMenu(List<String> text) {
            Objects.requireNonNull(text, "text");
            return new Menu(text);

        private void listen() {
            ProtocolLibrary.getProtocolManager().addPacketListener(new PacketAdapter(this.plugin, PacketType.Play.Client.UPDATE_SIGN) {
                public void onPacketReceiving(PacketEvent event) {
                    Player player = event.getPlayer();

                    Menu menu = inputReceivers.remove(player);

                    if (menu == null) {

                    boolean success = menu.response.test(player, event.getPacket().getStringArrays().read(0));

                    if (!success && menu.opensOnFail()) {
                        Bukkit.getScheduler().runTaskLater(plugin, () ->, 2L);
                    player.sendBlockChange(menu.position.toLocation(player.getWorld()), Material.AIR.createBlockData());

        public class Menu {

            private final List<String> text;

            private BiPredicate<Player, String[]> response;
            private boolean reopenIfFail;

            private BlockPosition position;

            Menu(List<String> text) {
                this.text = text;

            protected BlockPosition getPosition() {
                return this.position;

            public boolean opensOnFail() {
                return this.reopenIfFail;

            public Menu reopenIfFail() {
                this.reopenIfFail = true;
                return this;

            public Menu response(BiPredicate<Player, String[]> response) {
                this.response = response;
                return this;

            public void open(Player player) {
                Objects.requireNonNull(player, "player");
                Location location = player.getLocation();
                this.position = new BlockPosition(location.getBlockX(), location.getBlockY() - 5, location.getBlockZ());

                player.sendBlockChange(this.position.toLocation(location.getWorld()), Material.OAK_SIGN.createBlockData());

                PacketContainer openSign = ProtocolLibrary.getProtocolManager().createPacket(PacketType.Play.Server.OPEN_SIGN_EDITOR);
                PacketContainer signData = ProtocolLibrary.getProtocolManager().createPacket(PacketType.Play.Server.TILE_ENTITY_DATA);

                openSign.getBlockPositionModifier().write(0, this.position);

                NbtCompound signNBT = (NbtCompound) signData.getNbtModifier().read(0);

                IntStream.range(0, SIGN_LINES).forEach(line -> signNBT.put("Text" + (line + 1), text.size() > line ? String.format(NBT_FORMAT, color(text.get(line))) : " "));

                signNBT.put("x", this.position.getX());
                signNBT.put("y", this.position.getY());
                signNBT.put("z", this.position.getZ());
                signNBT.put("id", NBT_BLOCK_ID);

                signData.getBlockPositionModifier().write(0, this.position);
                signData.getIntegers().write(0, ACTION_INDEX);
                signData.getNbtModifier().write(0, signNBT);

                try {
                    ProtocolLibrary.getProtocolManager().sendServerPacket(player, signData);
                    ProtocolLibrary.getProtocolManager().sendServerPacket(player, openSign);
                } catch (InvocationTargetException exception) {
                inputReceivers.put(player, this);

            private String color(String input) {
                return ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', input);
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  2. Going to test when I get home. Thanks for this! I have wanted to get away from chat input.
  3. It is. This is a developer resource.
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    I am surprised you have not seen other resources in the subforum lol
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  5. It works! This is awesome. Thanks man.
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    No problem! I was thinking of adding some kind of 'animation' to the sign in the next version
  7. It's work for me. Good job! Useful Resource.
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    Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
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  9. This is awesome, I just need to modify it a bit for 1.8
  10. Nice resource :p almost makes me want to get into spigot plugin development again.
    Btw ty for using streams, finally, a developer who utilizes Java 8's amazing features.
  11. but dad
    strem gret
    use strem almost all ze time
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    Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Can you get player input?
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    yes. if you read the tutorial it clearly shows the text that is received back :) (in the snippet where i send the player the text they inputted)
  15. That's so usefull actually. This makes chestshops/signshops so much easier. You can make it so the text will stand there what you should type and when you start to type it dissapears. :D
  16. Nice resource man
    Maybe one day i will need it so thanks
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    Thanks for the support!
  18. What should I change to make it compatible for 1.8.8?
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    Sadly, I will not be supporting older versions :(
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    This looks extremely useful.