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  1. Hey! I am working with silk spawners, and I want to make a spawners shop on my server. So I use the spawner IDs for the item name on the sign. So when I buy a spawner and place it, It says: 'Placing default spawner(either this spawner is invalid or disabled). When I mine it with a silk touch pickaxe, it gives me a pig spawner. Any help?
  2. Blaze: 52:61
    Cave spider: 52:59
    Creeper: 52:50
    EnderDragon: 52:63
    Enderman: 52:58
    Ghast: 52:56
    Magma cube 52:62
    SilverFish: 52:60
    Skeleton: 52:51
    Slime: 52:55
    Spider: 52:52
    Witch: 52:66
    Zombie: 52:54
    Zombie Pigman: 52:57
    Bat: 52:65
    Chicken 52:93
    Cow: 52:92
    Horse: 52:100
    Mooshroom: 52:96
    Ocelot: 52:98
    Pig: 52:90
    Sheep: 52:91
    Squid: 52:94
    Wolf: 52:95
    Villager: 52:120
    Iron Golem: 52:99
    Snowman: 52:97

  3. Thanks for the IDs, but that wasn't really what I was looking for. I type in the IDs on the shop signs, and buy them. So now I have them in my hotbar. When I place them, they turn into a pig spawner. And is there any way to get the Silk Spawners Shop addon free?
  4. Whoops forgot to quote your post :)
  5. Nope. Don't use leaked copies of premium plugins, for the love of God.
  6. Ok. But I'm still in my predicament. I guess I could fiddle around with the config
  7. Download the source and compile it with IntelliJ
  8. I got it to work. Thanks for all your help :)
  9. xIcey, I found a different plugin that functions the same way as silk spawners. You can use the spawner IDs for your shop, and still be able to place and mine them with it. Here is the link:
  10. Here you go!
  11. Oh sorry, I am sorry I don't know "mynecrawft bukk-it api". My bad. Ill learn it in school tomorrow, I take minecraft bukkit class. ^_^

    sheesh, I was just asking for help...
  12. Can we all be nice please. Just use the plugin I found. It works GREAT :)!
  13. it only supports cb-1.7.9-RO.1
  14. It works on my 1.11 server