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  1. Inkzzz

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    when a player purchases a spawner from an essentials sign, they get a spawner, but when they go to place it, it's a pig spawner, however they bought a iron golem spawners, for example.

    Is there a fix to this?

    Also, I know that it's nothing to do with default spawners, as I went to find a natural generated spawner, then mined it with silk touch, then I got it, and placed it again, and it was still a skeleton, as it was when I mined it.

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  2. Inkzzz

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    It'a Java 8, however I'm going to ask the developer to allow me to make it Java 7 if possible. Thank you, however are there any other plugins similar to that?
  3. Just make a kit for each spawner, then use a kit sign to sell the kit containing the spawner. For the kit put:
    Code (Text):
    - 52 1 lore:entityID:[ID] name:[MOB NAME]
    as your kit, then just replace [ID] with the mob id, and [MOB NAME] with the name of the mob.

    EDIT: You need to have SilkSpawners enabled.
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  5. Inkzzz

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    This worked, thank you very much!
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