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Mine your spawners with an enchanted SilkTouch pickaxe

  1. How bad do you think 1.13 will break silkspawners?
  2. That can't be answered, unless 1.13 is released.
  3. Hi, is there a way to show the display name of the spawner when using /ss view ? i want to be able to check if its a custom or vanilla spawner.
  4. I guess Baby Zombies are not supported yet?
  5. I don't fully understand your question. In your inventory it's e.g. displayed in the boss bar currently.

    No not yet, but hopefully in a future update!
  6. This was mentioned about a year ago, makes me sadman. I appreciate the rest though. Unsure how to use this plugin without just ruining the server. Last time we used it on a test server, and everyone became mindless zombies because they could aimlessly make farms and jeopardize the spawners.

    With you making this plugin, would you have any suggestions for attending to those kind of issues?(Its not the Plugins fault, just asking for your personal opinion.)
  7. ohh i mean when u place spawners and use /ss view command while looking at it, instead of showing just the type of spawner is there a placeholder to show the display name as well?
  8. Im having a very odd issue on my server. Some spawners that have been placed in the past are no longer spawning anything or have nothing inside the spawner... I know this might not be related to your plugin but I dont know who to contact to fix this bug nor do i fully understand it.
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  9. what are the chances of us getting redstone control for the spawners? so that with a redstone signal active they do not spawn mobs?
  10. Where did you obtain the "old" spawners? Have you upgraded your server recently and kept the world?

    That's a feature I've never thought about. Sound interesting! Care to elaborate? (besides powering/not powering toggling the spawner state)
  11. I remember having it quite some time ago through another plugin, unfortunately the name escapes me. But basically it allowed you to have full control over the spawner simply with redstone signal... be that a lever on top of the spawner or something more exotic. I've been searching for something similar to no avail but having used silkspawners for years I figured I'd ask!

    You could push it further where by pulse rates define the spawn rates, so say I set up a 5 tick pulse clock, each time the pulse hit the spawner it would force the mob spawn rather than controlling the actual spawner state. You'd maybe have to limit just how quick a pulse it could handle however for the sake of entity counts! #

    Appreciate the consideration :)
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  12. So I have installed the SilkSpawners plugin because it goes alongside the GUIShop plugin. I have been trying for hours to figure this issue out... When I give my self a spawner, we will use zombies for an example, with /ss give ajkros Zombie, I get a zombie spawner. I place it down and it works fine, but when I break it with silk touch while in survival, I get two spawners back. One of them is named "Zombie" and works as the original, and the other is named "zombie" and becomes a pig spawner when placed. Then, if I break the Zombie one again, the same happens... Over... and... Over. It happens with all types of spawners. I get one thats uppercase that works like normal and one thats lowercase that becomes a pig spawner. Please, if anyone knows what is going on, I would love some help.
  13. Hello,

    I am using your plugin currently but there is a duplication glitch when spawners are mined the spawner "item" would be dropped/given but the spawner "block" would still stay there! This is a major bug!

    I use ASkyblock with it I might have to switch if you can't fix it!

    Thanks in advance

  14. 1.12.2 is out. While I haven't tested to see if this plugin dies on 1.12.2 I assume it does as it typically requires an update per version... Thanks!
  15. Should already work fine
  16. Hi, I'm getting the same issue a lot of people seem to be getting, with the spawners all reverting to default (Pig) Upon being placed. You stated it was fixed with the newest version of Spigot 1.12.1 but it seems to have the same issue in Spigot 1.12.2, is there anything I can do to fix this?
  17. Yes having the same issues! Causing so many problems. Might need to find another alternative
  18. I have not found any new Spigot bugs or commits that should affect spawners on 1.12.2, I will investigate later today
  19. You can add cooldown and limit entities with spawner?
  20. Hello, Author
    I have been having this problem when I give players spawners by /ss give - command somehow time to time spawners disappears. Is there a way you can fix it? It would be great.