SilkSpawners Issue.

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  1. Hello everyone, you all seem very helpful here so I figured I would create a thread to hopefully get some help with my issue. I'm running Spigot 1.8.7, and Essentials. Whenever I try to sell a spawner, it switches back to a pig spawner when placed. Thanks in advance for the help guys.
  2. At the Bukkit page for SilkSpawners, under Known Bugs, this issue is listed and it says that the solution is download EssentialsX. This is also mentioned in the change log before downloading the jar file, "If spawners obtained from signs or /give, /i from Essentials are not working properly, please look at the "Known Bugs" section for a fix!" I've personally tried it & it appears to be working, although I don't know the exact thing you did to replicate the bug, I do believe that using EssentialsX does solve it.
  3. Oh, I was using as a workaround, binding the vanilla command to the sign, but I will try this. Also, did you try it on 1.8.7? Thanks.
  4. Yes I did test on 1.8.7, and this is how you can do it for a ServerSign:

    /svs add *i mob_spawner:50 1

    Where you can replace 50 with the entity ID of your choice.

    Minecraft Wiki actually has a page listing all the Entity IDs, so you can find whatever entity you want to spawn there :)

    There actually a way get spawners that correctly spawn the right mob through ServerSigns without EssentialsX though - I didn't think to suggest it though because I thought you were using the Essentials Buy/Sell signs:

    /svs add *give <name> mob_spawner 1 {BlockEntityTag:{EntityId:Creeper}}

    Where you replace Creeper with whatever mob you want it to spawn.
    Note that if you have EssentialsX installed, this /give command will not work. I'd personally go back to normal Essentials & use this give command, but it's up to you in the end. :)