Spigot SilkSpawners [With API] 1.6

SilkSpawner plugin for all versions, which allows you to move spawners

  1. Thanks !
    I have another thing to say, the config directory doesn't generate on my own server.
    About tab completions, maybe i'll make you a pull request on github
  2. There shoud already be an tab completer. The plugin hasn't any configs...
  3. I mean, a better tab completer, like this :

    Code (Java):
    StringUtil.copyPartialMatches(args[1], COMMANDS, completions); // Use what the player have already wrote
    Collections.sort(completions); // Sort completions
    return completions;

    And i didn't know that the plugin haven't any config. My bad
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  4. Yeah I will add this very soon
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  5. When im in OP mode i'm able to mine spawners, but when im not you simply just can't mine them, when you try they just keep going back.
    Anyone able to help?
  6. You have to set some permissions.
    If you want to mine and break spawners, you need the permissions silkspawners.break and silkspawners.place
  7. Does this work on 1.13.2?
  8. Yeah it should work, you need to download the right version
  9. Hello, i am having issues with the plugin, I can place down a spawner as op however when i change to default It wont allow me to mine or place spawner as its original type and places as a pig spawner... I have gave the permissions to the group however still not working :/ Can you help message me on Discord - Dox#4306
  10. I had the same problem before, it may be your anti cheat
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  11. I am trying to use SilkSpawners with BossShopPro for multiple of the 1.9+ Spawn eggs. Most of the eggs work great, such as the Parrot, Polar Bear, Vex, Stray, Husk, those all work. However, I can't seem to get any of the Illagers to work. Vindicator and Evoker both return a blank egg. Anyone know of a fix?
  12. Can you please make this for ShopGUI+?
    No spawner plugins are currently working for 1.13.2 for the shop that is required.
  13. The compatibility has to be made by the developer of the ShopGUI+ plugin
  14. Is this plugin still being developed? As I've noticed a few issues recently on our skyblock server. First off players without any perms can place spawners, but they turn into pig spawners and also I have some wither skeleton spawners but the wither skeletons don't notice the players.
  15. Hello,
    Sorry for the late reply. It is written in the description of the plugin that spawners are placed as a pig spawners if the permission is not set, as this is the Minecraft-Vanilla behavior. Also the problem with the WitherSkeleton spawners is caused by Minecraft, because such spawners are not provided by the Game.
  16. Hey Guys,

    I would just like to know if there will be or if there is already a way to add chance % drops to spawners upon Silk Touch for players and if it could be applied to all spawner types?

    I'd also like to know if this would work with adding this to a designated role on the server.


    - Elijah
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  17. Hello,
    This plugin works with all spawners, but currently this isn't possible to set a chance for dropping spawners.
    You could add this to a user role by using the permissions.
  18. Will there be an update coming for 1.14? Not looking to rush you for it, just curious
  19. I'm currently not really working on this plugin. One option is to make it open source, otherwise it could take some time until that update is published.