Silkspawners wont let me change spawner types

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  1. first this is the list of plugins:
    Announcer - Pretty obvious
    Async + World Edit - Admin tool to copy/paste and lots of things for MC builds.
    Choptree - Diamond Axe destroys trees
    Coreprotect - Database of all things done by players. Helps rollbacks.
    Eggcatcher - The plugin to throw eggs at mobs to get the spawn egg in exchange.
    EnjinMCplugin - To do with the website we have.
    Essentials - Without it the server wouldnt function, very important part to LOTS of things we have.
    Griefprevention - Pretty obvious.
    Holographics displays - The floating text u see around spawn.
    MCBANs - Listing of all bans done by all servers using MCBANs. Players that get banned may lose the right to play any MCBANs servers.
    Multiworld - Allows us to make new worlds or add events and a simple command allows us to go there.
    Prism - Basically what Coreprotect is, but Nuke3214d would prefer to have it.
    RandomTeleport - Pretty obvious, except we want a better one.
    Vault - To do with economy not implemented.
    Vote and Votifer - Pretty obvious.
    WorldBorder - Allows us to stop u exploring beyond the border we set. More HDD space will allow us to expand this further.
    WorldGuard - Very similar to Griefprevention but has added specific things u can allow or deny. I.e. mob-spawning deny
    Zpermissions - Allows you guys to have your ranks and commands to go with them.

    so when I try to change the spawner type with an egg it wont work. z perms are set up right and everything but it just wont work, every time it said that I dont have permission. im not sure if it works in /op but no matter what we do, like redoing the perms or anything it wont work ,any advice to help??
  2. You need to add perms group for what spawner you want them to be able to change or add this and it will allow them to change all spawners so example:

    If I want players to be able to change spawners with any egg I would give the group: silkspawners.changetype.*

    But if I want a sorted group to only be able to change server spawners to a type with an egg such as:

    Say my Members can only change there spawners to Wolf.Creeper and Gash I would give them this permission:

    Member: silkspawners.changetype.Creeper silkspawners.changetype.Wolf silkspawners.changetype.Gash

    legend: silkspawners.changetype.Creeper silkspawners.changetype.Wolf silkspawners.changetype.Gash silkspawners.changetype.Spider

    And see So member would only be able to change their spawners with those eggs and legend would only be able to change their spawner those Tho's mobs.

    Hope this helps Good luck

  3. we did do this but it still wont let any group use the eggs on them, we where wondering if it was a conflict between the eggcatcher plugin and the silk spawners