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Get charged when you change a mob spawner

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    SilkSpawnersEcoAddon - Get charged when you change a mob spawner

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  2. Maybe signshop addon?
    Please i will kill myself
  3. Could you add an option to charge players when mining spawners! Let's say they just have to pay for spawners that where put down by players! (not for natural spawners!)
    Maybe add a counter so whenever a player places down a spawner a chat messages tells him he has still an x amount of time to mine the spawner back up "for free".
    It also should display how much it would cost to mine certain spawner after the x amount of time!

    I you could add this, or even made a seperate plugin from it i would buy it a 100%! i haven't seen a plugin for those functions yet!
  4. Thanks for your suggestion, the charging of placement and mining is long overdue, but in progress :)
    SilkSpawners 3.7.2 added the necessary API methods, so I can make an update for eco addon.

    However, I'm currently relatively busy with work, so an update might take a while.
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  5. Ok, thanks for the quick response!
  6. Its been since march that mining spawners charges people has been an update plan, when will this be added?
  7. Acutally this is planned since March 2015 (https://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/silkspawnersecoaddon/tickets/2/). If you write my exams or Bachelor thesis I would be able to make an update faster ;)
    Otherwise, a PR is welcomed, too - the plugin is open source.

    Sorry for the delay
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  9. Hey there,

    First of all, I love this plugin. Very glad I found it. However, we've found a slight bug. It seems that sometimes when a player tries to mine a spawner, but doesn't have the correct amount of exp, the plugin will continue to allow them to mine it, and also give them an incredible amount of exp (100+ levels)... I'm not sure if this issue exists for money also. No reports as if yet have pointed to that. This issue has been reported to me by several players on my server.


  10. Thanks for your feedback, that definitely does not sound correct. Could you share your config.yml file with me? Helps speeding up my investigation.

  11. Sorry, I totally missed your reply. I would've replied earlier.

    Here's my configuration (and also the active configuration when this issue occurred): https://pastebin.com/3wVWp99G
    Please tell me if I mis-configured an option.

    I haven't personally been able to replicate this issue, however, it's been reported by multiple players on my server. One of which is a staff member who I trust very much to provide accurate reports.

    Looking forward to your reply!
  12. Any updates about this?