Spigot Simple Advertising | Survival must-have 28.2.22

Advertising in game, for everything you'd like. Lightweight, Points, GUI, Titles, Sounds and more.

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    Simple Advertising - Make ad's in game for different things, fully cusomizable.

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  2. could you add bungee support ?
    whole network advtisement
  3. Hmm, I will try, I don't quite know how to do this but I will search for this, Thank you very much for the ideas :D
  4. Hey! Thanks for 15 downloads, if you like this resource give it a 5 star :D! Update coming soon, and maybe another plugin ;>
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    New Staff! Yay!

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  6. Having a lil' bit of trouble with Bungee Cord, I need to figure it out first, right now I only managed to make it send a message to a certain player on another server, but when I'll learn how to work with it I will post the update. Untill then stay tuned :D
  7. Soon kinda big update, but not BungeeCord, that thing is giving me serious headaches, but instead I am working on PlayerPoints, Join Messages, Titles, More permissions, Broadcast and more organised code with some things to be solved. BungeeCord.. needs to wait a bit.
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    Long time no see

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  9. Please make it compatible with more Java versions. I cant use the plugin because it says: https://pastebin.com/sjf64FKk

    I have the latest version of JAVA so I dont understand why I have this error.
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  10. 你好,我是中国人,我看你的插件是好的,我喜欢。
  11. Hello there.
    1. With scoreboard shows ad variables, you mean like implementing SimpleAd into scoreboard plugins with variables, or make a standalone scoreboard option to display the Ad when sent?
    2. Random ad column, what do you want to say by that? Like auto-messaging?
    3. Do you want to save the ads into a databse?
    4. That can be done, i will think about it.
    5. Very good ideea, i don't quite know how to do it right now, but i will look into it!
    Anyways, I'm working on some other update right now, and it's harder to make everything customizable :3. Thank you for the ideeas, I hope you would explain the ideeas more, and the last 2 could be in one of the next updates!
  12. [QUOTE =“立体声,邮编:2851905,会员:116721”]你好。
    无论如何,我现在正在进行其他一些更新,而且一切都可以自定义:3。谢谢你的想法,我希望你能解释更多的ideeas,最后2可能在下一个更新之一![/ QUOTE]

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    Different Things

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  14. What would you like more, to add a GUI to the plugin from which the player can set ads, join a category, and such or, to keep it only text-based?
  15. Workin' on rewriting the plugin to be GUI based, but the option for chat-only will still exist in the config. Also reworking the way customizing the /ad format so that you could place the Contact part elsewhere. I will also try to implement action bar advertising, own points-like system and some other cool things. But because of the size of this huge update I will take my time for it. Please bear with me and I hope y'all will love it. :D
  16. Haven't been working on this project for some weeks, but soon, development will be back on tracks, stay tuned for the promised features :D. Maybe more plugins are on the way too :9.
  17. Development restarted, kinda late, but it's better than never ;)). Already re-written the plugin, and it's more eficient than ever, the GUI is done, and it's working, in the following week, 1.8 will be released, without PlaceholderAPI support, the points, or the moderation GUI, it'll be simply advertising with Vault money. I'm working on lots of other plugins right now, waiting to be released, so don't forget to check spigot regularly.