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  1. Hi, I'm searching for a simple aura detector that just check if someone is using killaura by spawning an entity (like fakeplayer or something like that) at the back of the player and kick them with custom kick command and kickmessage (Not AntiAura, it just spawn a bunches of squid and dosn't even detect when we hit squid at the same time than a player)
  2. Can't disable ASCII characters + Fly detection got false positive in water (Paid version)
  3. I would recommend AAC -- though it's a full anticheat, not just anti-aura.
  4. If a player lags and dosn't even hit anything, he gets detected for KillAura (Heuristics) + Invisible head player dosn't appear
  5. Have you configured the plugin? There is no real "one size fits all" type of thing.
  6. yes, and everytime someone gets kicked for someting, they are rekicked for Killaura (Heuristics)
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    Post your config for AAC.
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    I can tell you've had A LOT of frustration with AAC. You gutted your config pretty bad :( It hurts to let you kill your config, but if that has worked out for you, then no quarrels here.

    To make Kill Aura stop false kicking, raise these values:
    # Requried chance for an Aimbot kick (%). Set to something >= 100 to disable
    aimbot: 92

    # Required chance for a Reach kick (%). Set to something >= 100 to disable
    reach: 92

    # Required chance for an Accuracy kick (%). Set to something >= 100 to disable
    accuracy: 98
  9. The problem is that it dosn't kick players from using killaura when they use, but it kick them when they are using Criticals (Packet) and it kick them for 2 times in a row

    (Nvm, updated protocolLib and now the NPC is spawning on the head of the player)
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