Spigot Simple Backpacks 1.5

Customizable backpacks

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    Simple Backpacks - Customizable backpacks

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  2. There is bug that if you right click a chest with the backpack in hand, the backpack will dupe the items from the chest into the backpack.
  3. Is this fixed already @Xikki ?
    Had to disable the addon for now. But would love to have it fixed!
  4. Yes, this should already be fixed. Now, to open the backpack - you need to press the right mouse button + shift with the backpack in hand
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  5. Awesome! works like a charm :D

    Feature request if it's even possible; coloured backpacks :D
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    Color Update

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  7. I would like to ask those who look here:
    Should I add ender backpacks to the plugin?
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    Ender Update

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  9. Hi there,

    is there any "documantation" for your ressource Pack?
    Changed the archive to .zip and adjust the meta-data to 5 for my .15.2 Server, but there are no changes on my Server.

    Any ideas?

  10. No, there is no documentation for the resource pack, but for resourcepack work requireds Oprifine
  11. Can a language configuration file be added? For example, you can customize the default name of the backpack? It’s a bit difficult for some people with poor English.
  12. A backpack (also called rucksack, knapsack, packsack, pack, Haversack, or Bergen) is a cloth sack put on somebody's back. It usually has two straps that go over the shoulders. It is used to carry things in it, and it often has many compartments to carry things. People often use backpacks on camping trips, hikes, or any form of outdoor activity where people need to carry many things. Backpacks are also be used in the military by soldiers. It can be also used in school, or in this case, it also called a bookbag or school bag. myaarpmedicare.com
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  13. I really love this plugin! I would like it if there was an option in the config file to change the default item the backpack is if you don't have a texture pack. I think it'd be cool to change it to a chest or something server-side.
  14. Resourcepack can replace the texture of only a specific item of a specific type with specific NBT tags. And not everyone can remake the resource pack for the desired item, so I cannot add such an opportunity