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    Simple Coins API - Very Simple to use Coin API

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  2. Was sehr hilfreich wäre, wenn du das ganze noch MySQL fähig machen könntest dann wäre es perfekt.
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  3. Darüber habe ich auch nachgedacht
  4. This plugin still active?
  5. Last update was yesterday ;)
  6. Mar. 28 Is that yesterday :O
  7. Ooops wrong plugin xD
    If someone has a good idea i will add it
  8. Du kannst in der Config den /coins command deaktivieren und dann deinen eigenen Command benutzen. Falls du sonst noch Hilfe mit der API brauchst, melde dich bei mit:)
  9. I don't understand how to enable MySql.
    Can you explain me this please thanks!

    Is this replacing the players money?
    I was actually looking for a separated balance from the money they already have.
    #14 dangerORclose, Jun 10, 2017
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  10. It is an other currency.
    Code (Text):
    public void onEnable() {
        MySQL mysql = new MySQL("USERNAME", "PASSWORD", "DATABASE", "HOST", "PORT"); //Set your mysql login datas
        mysql.connect(); //Connect to your mysql database
        mysql.addTable(); //Create new table if not exists
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  11. Ok, and how do I make it work with mysql? I don't know what to do with that part of code.
  12. It is in the onEnable part to setup the connection to your MySQL when the plugin gets enabled. USERNAME is your MySQL username, PASSWORD the password of your mysql, DATABASE the name of the database, HOST the host, and PORT 3306
  13. But how? Do I add this code to my config.yml? There is no mysql section
  14. It's Java Code. You have to implement it into your Plugin
  15. I never did this before, where and how with what program? Can you do this for me?