Simple CSS Preloaders

Discussion in 'Programming' started by mattrick, May 21, 2015.

  1. I got bored, so I made some simple CSS3 preloaders. The preloaders are very simple to use and customizable. You can check them out here.

    Its open source on GitHub as well.

    Everything is under the MIT license, so enjoy! I'm open to suggestions/ feedback.

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  2. Smexy
    Gj bae <3
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    Great job bae <3
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  4. Great job!
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  5. Omg make one like the Android Lollipop one ;o

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  6. JamesJ


    ur ashmazing.
    kthx. much l0v3
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  7. I'll work on it ;o
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  8. Added squash effect by request of @nfell2009 :)

    The look nfell suggested only works with one bar currently, otherwise it has a different effect.
  9. Where is it?!?!? ;o
  10. At the bottom boob.
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