Spigot Simple Double Jump "DoubleJ" | Lobby Item ADDED! - Under a complete recode 14.0

Simple Double Jump plugin! - World Support, particles, sounds, toggleable, perms, cooldowns!

  1. NewKaD submitted a new resource:

    Simple Double Jump (1.8.*) - This is a very simple Double Jump plugin!

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  2. @NewKaD Hey Whats Up, Im Just Learning Coding To, Maybe We Could Work Together On A Project Or Something? Hit Me Up.
  3. Hey! Why not, it's a good idea! PM me ;)
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  4. Nice plugin! :D
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  5. Make that I can disable double jump in world1 and enable it in world2 , In the config world enabler or disabler Something like this:
    - World1: true
    - World2: false
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  6. I'll maybe not add this, i'm learning plugins, i'll need someone's help for this :/
  7. ill help you ;)
  8. @Lmmb74 Hey, saw you were having a problem with the invincibility (on 1.8.7 anyways) so would you like if it was configurable in the config?
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  9. Please add time between jumps... Like a cooldown.. Because you can kinda just fly arround..
  10. Maybe an option to disable double jump when in pvp?
  11. Nice plugin, I will use it for my towny server (I will give you the IP when it's released).
  12. Thanks you :D
    That's cool !