Spigot Simple Duel 2015-05-09

A simple duel/1vs1 plugin

  1. Waterman2707 submitted a new resource:

    Simple Duel - A simple duel/1vs1 plugin

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  2. Many thank you! :D
  3. Very coool but can you make A points system with name change also to change name points to coins ore elo ... and make more items bow arrow apple usw? But Goold job
  4. ou and make start points fo rfight to make it in ah arena also lablablamore arenas and can make by kit Arena Water ore Aren b
  5. Permissions for hcange kit not work
  6. How do you create an arena?
  7. Is there a way you can customize a kit ig
  8. Dose it need bungee cord?