Spigot Simple Elytra Rings V 1.2.0

Easely create elytra boost rings

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    Simple Elytra Rings - Easely create elytra boost rings

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  2. Thanks a lot for the update, this makes the plugin even better than before. :) Keep up the good work!
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  3. Can you please update this for 1.12. In 1.12 it shows armor stands when making elytra rings
  4. Sure
  5. Can you add too if it's possible this: /ring create A B
    A for boost and B for size
    With 3 differents boost and size (and fix the armor stand for 1.12.1)
    Really thanks !
  6. Am trying to use the latest version on Spigot 1.11.2 but nothing happens when I type in any of the commands. Tried rolling back to the previous version but that doesn't work either. Do I need to update to the latest Spigot for this mod?

    Edit: I also notice that the Jar name has changed between versions. Is this intentional and correct?

    Edit: i've updated my server to 1.12.2 and this plugin still doesn't give any output. Nothing from `/ring` or `/ring create`. Do I need to add permissions, even though I'm OP?
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  7. Mhm... That's really strange. I'll try to upload a patch later today.
  8. do you think instead of making the rings with your config you can make it region based as like worldguard??
  9. How exactly would that work?
  10. well instead of using a pre-set area which in this plugin's case it is. we can use a method that's maybe similar to how say multiverse portals work? where we can trigger boost when player flys into the selected "portal"
  11. Mhm, I'll try to add that one day. I am sort of busy working on other projects but it is a nice suggestion so thanks for that!
  12. question, there is a way to disable particles right? after setting them and such. I'm just trying to make the plugin work as it should and have our own build design on the actual circle instead of particles.

    Edit: possibly slow down the particles a bit or a way to configure particle speed? some of these particle effects are so funny and laggy :) I'm having a blast but i can't take it seriously for this to be a production ready server :p.


    Edit #2: So technically it does work when i change the particle to NONE but this happens... still works though... i guess??
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  13. I'll try to update tomorrow!