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Pretty simple Paintball plugin

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    Simple Paintball - Pretty simple Paintball plugin

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  2. beautiful plugin! i want updates!! like
  3. I'm currently looking for new features to add. Any suggestions?
  4. menu in the game, entry through the plate:
    Code (Text):
  5. The plug- in is great. But all inventory and XP is lost once the sign is selected. Any way to retain inventory and XP once done playing? I lose everything on main map and using Multi-Verse worlds.

    As a feature, I have two maps setup with arenas in the void. I have default spawns set up high so other players can watch. But it would be nice to have a /pb set spectator that could be set by a sign for games already in progress.
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  6. As of right now, there is no way to restore inventory and XP when you leave the game. I'll add that in the next version.

    A spectator mode is a good idea, that'll be in the next version as well.
  7. Hi there borgdude, just installed the plugin. First game and the player is killed but stays in game, no damage recorded on player, game does not end, have to leave the game manually. After game, inventory is there but still in survival mode, world default is creative.
    Also do I need another plugin to make the sign?

    Thanks for all your hard work on this, cant wait to get it working.

    Spigot 1.13.2, Essentials, LuckPerms, Multiverse Core/Portals, perworldinventory, Vault, worldedit, worldguard.

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  8. Hey Cairns, the gameplay you described is how the game is designed. It's one shot, one "kill", everytime you're killed you're teleported to your respected team's spawn. The team with the most kills wins. That's not clear at all in the description so I'll update that. The game lasts 4 minutes long by default, you can edit it in the config file of the Simple Paintball folder of plugins. How long did you stay in game before you left manually? Did you wait more than 4 minutes and the timer started going into the negatives? When you leave the game it puts you in adventure mode, I'll change it so it'll be the world default. You don't need another plugin for the sign. For the sign, make sure the first line is 'pb join' and the second line is the arena title (case sensitive), that's it.

    Let me know if you have anymore problems and/or fixed the other problems. I'll make the gamemode world default on leave in the next update. Thanks for leaving the comment.
  9. Thanks Borgdude, thanks for the reply and an awesome plugin! Now I understand, thank you. I was testing by shooting the player in the spawn point so it looked like nothing was happening. Sign works now thanks. Currently only OP's can use the sign, how do I make all players have access? Currently using LuckPerms. Also, is the scoreboard editable? I want to change 'kills' to 'wins' or something, young kids use our server. Can I make Leave Lobby and Leave Game signs?
    This will be a great feature for our server, since we moved to 1.13.2 we have lost all of our cool minigames. You can check out our server www.cairnsminecraft.com.
  10. I'm working on a way to change what the "kills" and "killed" specifically say, so you could change it in the config file. There's a 'leave bed' that should be present throughout the game and you can right-click that and you're able to leave. If you would like leave signs I can implement that. There's no permissions needed to use the signs. To verify, have your non-OPs do /pb join <title> to double check. It must be another plugin. When setting the plugin up personally, I know I had to add permissions from other plugins so that non-OPs can interact with signs, I would look at Essentials and worldguard for permissions.

    If you need help figuring any of this out, feel free to join the Discord support server at: https://discord.gg/7D2RwZm
  11. Just realized another thing that may impact non-OPs using the sign. If you set your spawn near the signs then Minecraft doesn't allow non-OPs to interact within a certain radius of the spawn. To fix this, simple set your spawn or signs somewhere else or change 'spawn-protection' to a lower number. If you are still having trouble let me know.
  12. It would be great if you could add spawnsafety timer in cfg or something else to deal with spawncamping.. maybe randomtp on not moving x blocks in y time, all configurable if possible

    Yours J
  13. Some type of spawn protection is a good idea. Having a safety timer is easy to implement but it doesn't sound too effecient. Can you explain this randomtp idea further?
  14. maybe you could determine an activity value based on the recent movement of each player and if it falls below a threshold the player gets ported back to his spawn or to random coordinates outside a given radius of the opposite spawn.

    Please add option to toggle spectator, cause I dont want players to see the whole minigame world.
    Could you add option to allow changing of gun-types ingame?

    Haven't tried, but is it multiworld compatible?

    Jours J
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