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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by dyenxunit, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Anyone got any ideas for what type of plugin i should code next. please note i'm not a very advanced dev so minigames will not be accepted but simple things like effects or like custom enchants.
  2. Why not create a particle selection gui where you choose a particle you want to follow you around? Shouldn't be too difficult and should be quite fun.
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  3. There are tons of trail particle plugins.

    Make something you think people could use.
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  4. I agree but do you have any ideas what i should code next ?
  5. When I want to make something and cant think up any good ideas I usually just head over to the Bukkit forums and have a browse through the plugin requests section. Sometimes I find a good idea thats been buried there ;)
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  6. k thx :)
  7. Make an API that other developers can use
  8. Something that is tedious to code you can simplify into an API that developers can use to make their developing easier.
  9. I said simple not rocket sci
  10. Maybe a instant enderpearl? You can easily make a cool down with a list
  11. What do you mean instant ender pearl ? You mean like when they click it it directly tp's them to the location instead of waiting the for it to get there ?
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  12. Yup. I mean, it won't be that useful and it would kind of be stupid, but it teaches you something.
  13. sounds like a fun idea I will look into it ty :)
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  14. I want a hub selection plugin for hub
  15. i think you have the wrong thread this is for suggestions not for plugin request
  16. To be fair, it doesn't really matter what you code if your objective is to code, all you need do is simply pick a small scale project and stick to it until the finish. My suggestion? Pick a small plugin from the resource list and replicate it, keep doing this until you know what you want to.
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  17. To expand: If you really don't know what to do, try browsing inactive Bukkit plugins and picking one back up on Spigot
  18. My tip try creating plugins that have a lot to do with configurable options.

    Some basic ideas:
    - Kit plugin (with cooldown, economy).
    - Trampoline plugin.
    - Anti-swear.

    Good luck!