Spigot Simple Sorter - NO-LAG Redstone Alternative! 1.0

A lag free Redstone sorter alternative - Rid your server of all those excessive hoppers!

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    Simple Sorter - A lag free Redstone sorter alternative!

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  2. Could you add an option on a chest that lets you sort a specific item? For example: a chest for each kind of potion instead of all potions going to the same chest?

    /ss sortspecific maybe?
  3. Another idea:
    Have a way to more easily create the item sorter in the beginning by using a command on an empty chest (without an item in your hand) and it will find whatever item in your 'invalid' chests that you have the most of (overall) and make the new chest sort that item.
  4. Hey there, thank you very much for the feedback/suggestions!

    I'll definitely look into a few more bug fixes along with the /ss sortinvalid feature!
    As for the sort specific I somewhat purposely held back from implementing the ability to sort based on nbt data/potion types mostly because I wanted to see if the plugin would get enough support to even be worth adding such features to. Perhaps not in the next major release but if the plugin gets some more support after that I'll try implementing that too.
  5. Would you happen to know why I am unable to create a sorter. Whenever I enter the /ss create command it says you are allowed 0 sorters. I should have the correct permissions as I am the server owner.
  6. Hey there! I believe you may have the `simplesorter.count.*` permission which is causing the code to believe that you dont have access to any sorters. Try giving yourself the `simplesorter.count.100` permission and that'll allow you to have a 100 sorters. I hope this helps and sorry for any inconvenience!
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  7. Thanks for clearing this one out. I also had this problem since yesterday.
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  8. Hello, I'm new to the modding/plugin community. Where do I go to use the command 'simplesorter.count.*'?
    If it helps, I am currently using ShockByte.

    Nevermind, I've solved it on my own. I used LuckPerms and this guide .
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