Spigot Simple Staff List [DEAD] 1.0


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    Simple Staff List - Very basic plugin which displays online staff

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  2. Does this separate the staff between ranks? Like Helper, Staff, Staff+, Admin...
  3. No, this was my very first original plugin, optimised for performance (most people think it doesn't matter) so only 1 permission, 1 command no special separating ranks or anything like that...

    if you want a plugin like that i do offer custom plugins, but they are at a price and personally i think you are better off looking for a free version of the plugin that you want
  4. Can this be used for a bungee server/network so for example if i'm in hub and do /staff I can see if there is a staff member in the total network and where in the network they are?
  5. I havent actually started developing with bungeecord yet, im currently learning, i will try and remember to make something like this but if you dont see it in a month and you havent found it anywhere else msg me again and i will get to it ;;)
  6. I have been searching for while and might just start making my own unless you update yours
  7. Well the sole purpose of this plugin was to be a simple staff list, as simple as I could get it, so I'm not going to update this plugin but more make a different staff list that supports bungeecord, I have current plugin projects (3 to be exact, two I will be uploading) already so I'm a bit busy and can't make it now, I will make it one day but if you don't want to wait :p get the plugin made by someone else or make it yourself ;) there really isn't anything wrong with that and it's actually a good thng
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  9. Kinda of had a problem on the 1.8.x version where I open the GUI and I can items out of it, and then craft with them and place them. :)
  10. Well it seems everyone has caught onto this little bug!

    It's a small fix that I can't do because of school assessments, keep using the chat list for a couple of days untill I have time to fix it
  11. Ah, sorry I understand and it's fine, take your time. :)