Spigot Simple Trashcan 3.1


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    Simple Trashcan - trashcan

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  2. This looks pretty interesting. We are wanting to give this out as a rank perk. Is there any way you could add a permission for trashcan.create?
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  3. Sure adding it now.
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    Simple Trashcan

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  5. I just broke the existing trash cans and remade them and they work great!! Only gives one message
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  6. can u make it so we can change the display on the sign? like so we can do like &8[&e&lTrashCan&8] idk
  7. Hey im made it so you change change some stuff about it but the sign still has to contain trashcan or Trashcan, For now of course until I can find a way to save location of sign.
  8. Awesome update love it :D maybe add small trash can and big trash can xD ;d
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  9. Sure will add it tomorrow
  10. Hobolandjacob love the hologram!! Trashcan works great! I know you are looking into the empty hand access to the gui tomorrow could you also maybe add a perm for number of trashcans that can be created. We are just thinking from a stand point of some player spamming them with the new hologram and may become a lag issue. But love the in game commands and everything else about it. Works great!!! Thanks so much for the hard work.
  11. yo this would be awesome if you can set it so when you put thing's inside it you can get money for it like each item different price :d
  12. I will have to see about that a release for small and big trashcans should be coming soon I also implemented a limiting feature at the moment trying to get it to work haha. I would have had it uploaded on Tuesday but I've been hitting a wall pretty much trying to move the configuration around such as trashcans in its own database
  13. Interesting plugin, what can I say. Good luck!
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  14. Ok so we have run into a small hitch. Set a trashcan in the end with our enderfarm and keeps breaking after reboot. So broke the cauldron and now the hologram doesn't go away even with a server reboot, and the config doesn't show the location of that particular trashcan.
  15. can you make this 1.8 + add support for essentials so maybe if you put the item it sells it for the amount it set it essetials