Universal SimpleAntiProxy 0.8

A simple solution for problems with users joining with proxy or VPN

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    SimpleAntiProxy - A simple solution for problems with users joining with proxy or VPN

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  2. Nice plugin! works fine!
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  3. Thank you! :)
  4. This isn't really necessary.... there are hundreds of anti-vpn plugins here on SpigotMC. And all of them can be bypassed too easily.
  5. It is a negative opinion. I have not found any bypass in the plugin and it is true that there are quite a few AntiVPN plugins in spigot but none with the api and customization that has this, I have great ideas for it in the future.
  6. Not in the plugin itself, but it is useless to block VPN IP's because there are always enough other VPNs which are not blocked.
  7. The API that uses this plugin usually detects all the VPNs I have used in tests
  8. But all you know is not everything that is available. ;)

    I know at least 3 VPNs which will always work. :)
  9. If you want you can tell me by private message so I can test them.
  10. Hey so I have a bungeecord server and I have it on my hub and I have a VPN and it let me into the server. I went to the API site to run a test on the IP to see if it is detected and it did detect but it doesn't on bungeecord. And IP forwarding is true so it should work. Also I wasn't oped.
  11. no problem! maybe you like something from my resources
  12. You can deactivate bind_local_address in the bungeecord config to test if this works for you.
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    Update 0.4

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  14. Hey Samuel i have the prevent-proxy-connections to true in server.properties does that work like this? Or should i turn it off and use this instead curious :)
  15. It should work correctly
  16. Hi,
    I'm actually Using StopProxy plugin.
    But it make servers laggy; i'd like to find a good plugin that can protect my server from VPN, Proxies, and bot Attacks.
    Will your plugin do a better protection that the one i have?
    Will it prevent bot attacks?
  17. Currently my plugin uses one of the best api to detect proxy and vpn. Probably this plugin will help you a lot more than the one you currently have. And yes, if it serves to prevent bot attacks
  18. This is a video of version 0.2: