Spigot SimpleBan | Version 1.2 2016-01-06

It's an easy ban manager plugin!

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    SimpleBan | Version 1.0 - It's an easy ban manager plugin!

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  2. Can you make a way to SilentBan so it doesnt globallyban but doesnt show the players in chat but OPs Can see though?
  3. Yes i can do this!
  4. Ok, Will you do it though?
  5. Just open the config.yml and de/activate silent ban!
    The path is plugins/SimpleBan/Server/config.yml
  6. Alright. Thanks.
  7. Amazing plugin so far. Thanks for updating it <3
  8. Bout to hop off and post my other plugin ;) Mak sure to heck it out its quite good not trying to advertise sorry if its offensive
  9. No problem! Thank you ! :)
  10. the idea of silentban is good but it should be no option in the config. it should be an optional variable in the command like -s
    example with command ban:
    /ban -s player reason -> does silent ban for player because of reason
    /ban player reason -> normal ban with broadcast for player because of reason
  11. Ok i will do this in the next update if someone else agrees.
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