Spigot SimpleBanManager 3.0

Simple ban plugin with GUI!

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    SimpleBanManager - Simple ban plugin with GUI!

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  2. Ok this looks freaking awesome, but can you add next page for 80+ players also add a reason why they where banned? And a GUI of who is banned/muted
  3. Wow thank you for that positive reply. I will look into those features. I hope I can release those ideas in 3 days. I was also planning on having a next player page. Like I said I am really new to Spigot plugin coding, so will do my best to get those features implemented.
  4. Okay thanks :)
  5. Any errors in the console?
  6. No I do /sbm it opens a GUI with nothing in it, when theres 2 players online
  7. Are you OP or do you have the permission sbm.exclude ?
  8. One sec I'll test both
  9. And now it works, but if the player leaves it does not update. Also if your already in the GUI and some one joins it does not update.
  10. konsolas


    Not a bad plugin at all. Just a note on bans: You should probably store banned players in a file so they can unbanned with a GUI.

    Also, why is CraftInventory public, and any of your functions static?
  11. And why are you looking into the code :p
  12. Like I said I am really new to Coding. So I will update this plugin as I get better at it. Also I dont want to copy a plugin. I just want to make a quick nice and simple plugin.
  13. I am currently working on the GUI update feature. Big thanks to @JasperJH for helping me out. 75% done testing and tweaking it now.
  14. :p
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