Bukkit Simpleboard [1.8.x] 1.1.1

A simple scoreboard that has cool features

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    Simpleboard - A simple scoreboard that has cool features

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  2. I love this plugin, it's ace!
    However could you add variables that links into BungeeCord (total players on bungeecord), UltraCosmetics (amount of cosmetic keys) and Kingdoms (kingdom stats, amount of resource points, members, etc.)
    Other than that, keep up the awesome work!
  3. Suggestion noted :)
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  4. Seems like an interesting plugin, but can you add these features as I don't see them on the overview page?:
    • Anti-flicker option
    • Customizable board update time
    • Customizable messages such as; the prefix, toggle message
    • Animated scoreboard title
    I would appreciate it if these features were added!
  5. noted these suggestions :)
  6. Another idea that might be unique.

    Different groups with different permissions can see different boards. Also being in different worlds can toggle different boards
  7. I plan on making a seperate plugin for uses like this. I am trying to make this plugin just simple and straightforward with not really much detail but can still be useful :). Be on the look out for the detailed scoreboard one!
  8. So you wont be adding per world support?
    -different board/world
  9. I could add this :)

  10. nice! how long would it take? ;p
  11. I currently have private projects going on at the moment but expect it this week :)

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