Spigot SimpleBoard 1.4

A simple and customizable scoreboard plugin.

  1. Can you add pictures plzzz ??
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  2. Sure, i'll do that right away!
  3. Hi,creator,could I reprint your plugin to mcbbs.net,this plugin is very well.I will write the author name is ItsMike.I'm sorry for my poor English.And thank you!
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  4. Thanks! I'm glad people in other countries can use my plugin, and i appreciate you sharing it around!
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  5. Thank you.Chinese player will to say thank you.:D
  6. Can you add 1.12 support?
  7. Absolutely! A big update for SimpleBoard is coming soon, it will have these features: Multiple scoreboards, animations, and multiple version support. Thanks for your suggestion though!
  8. hey mike i have someproblems could u help