Spigot SimpleChat 1.2

A basic chat plugin for newer servers.

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    SimpleChat - A basic chat plugin for newer servers.

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  2. I suggest allow integration with Factions to use their faction chat tags, Permission Pex, Groupmanager, etc.
  3. Pex and GroupManager are already sorted into it. The plugin uses Vault to access the player's prefixes and uses them in chat. As for Factions, which Factions plugin would you like adding a placeholder for?
  4. Massivecore, but many prefer to use the vanilla facitons version. I dont know where to find it but its out there. People like it better because of its simplicity I assume.
  5. Oh perhaps you can add specific group chat similar to essentials, how every group has a specific chat. But also make it so that you can have temporary chat perms that will turn your chat in color or some specified group such as.

    [Rank] Player> &fNormal text


    [Rank] Player> &bNew colored text for limited amount of time.

    [Rank] stays same, just different perms. =) Good idea? no?
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    Update #2

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  7. Is there support for FactionsUUID?
  8. Do u support UTF-8?

    like to use this: ยป