Spigot SimpleClans 2.7.0

Simple yet robust clan system for PvP servers

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    SimpleClans - Robust yet simple clan system for PvP servers

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  2. I was looking for a plugin of this type! Its awesome!
  3. Is there a way to move the sqlite data to mysql?
    We started without using sql, and now we want to try the webstats
    of course - people have already made quite a few clans
  4. Hello, do you think you can allow console to access the leaderboard? I'm planning to add it to Holographic Scoreboard
  5. I really like this plugin. (My favourite land protection plugin.)

    I run a pvp server called Confined Survival, which runs a unique gamemode called Confined. (Our ip is unmapped.spartanhost.net)

    I am wondering if there is a way to raid other player's diamond block protection fields?

    Possibly a way to disarm their diamond blocks, or maybe make chests unprotected?

    EDIT: I also use simpleclans, is the war feature the only way to raid?
  6. Is it possible to claim land? like factions?
  7. Wait, the download link is broken? @phaed
  8. @phaed Does simple clans cover territorial claiming by selection such as worldedit similar to worldguard's system, but allows faction like features such as tnt/creeper egg raiding?
  9. is it possible to limit the amount of players in a clan?
  10. hello, there is a problem with the plugin, when you want to add a rival clan, with the command: /clan rival add [TAG], shows the error: "Usage: /clan ally add/remove [tag], as if adding an alliance.

    You know what is the problem?
  11. Hi! Ive got a small problem with the plugin, I cant invite anyone to the clan, just ops, it keep saying that player does not have the permission to join clans, and I can't make it work even after I added all the needed permission
  12. How can I change the /clan command to /crew without having to hack it using an alias in commands.yml? This looks like it should be part of the config natively.

    Can you please support GriefPrevention, to trust/untrust/accesstrust your entire clan to a claim.
  13. Download link doesn't work
  14. Add cyrillic support! When translate messages in language.yml by cyrillic, messages, longer than 3-4 words, always skipped to next line (although there is still have space).
  15. limitation does not work for tag! please update
  16. If you change something in the config it wont work, it just reset to the default config after restart ;(
    Please Fix ASAP
  17. To change the command just change the ''command:'' line in the config.

    more: more
    ally: ally
    clan: crew
    accept: accept
    deny: deny
    global: global
    force-priority: true
  18. Is this plugin still being updated?
  19. No ;( I think the creator doesnt care about all bugs