Spigot SimpleDuel <Discontinued> 2.2

Duel simple config 1v1

  1. Sure, I'll add it in the next update. I started this as a test plugin.
  2. How does itw orks? What about /duel set (Like set the arena etc).

    I need a plugin like this. Just typ /duel NAME, that guy does /duel accept ajnd you teleport to an arena..
  3. Great, if anything is of interest my comment would add the following:
    Duel in arenas: teleport to the arena after / duel
    Multiarenas: several arenas while grieving
    and system / anone random duel with another run that command
  4. Add function to create arenas
  5. When you said simple you meant simple :D:p
  6. You set your arena starting position from the configs

    I will add multi arena in the next update.
  7. What if the arena is full?
  8. Did a quick fix for this.
  9. What about if you go /duel it teleports you to a random arena with a random player (pretty much like a queue) and all the other players (except your opponent) go invisible for you.

    If you do /duel [player] it does the same but the challenged player has to type /duel accept and it will accept the lates duel request, but the player can also do /duel accept [player] so he can actually select a duel to fight.

    Adding Multi-Arenas with very simple commands like /dueladmin createarena [name] it will create an arena but no the spawnpoints, and then go like /dueladmin arenaspawn1 set and /dueladmin arenaspawn2 set to set the 2 player spawns.

    This are just ideas i would like to see implemented ;).
  10. Rares updated Very simple duel plugin with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Thanks for all your ideeas. I just updated and I hope you will find the new version worth a try. Sorry for the late implement, I live in Europe and it was midnight for me when you posted. Please leave a review. :)
  12. Just added :)
  13. Could you add bets? So like:
    /duel bet <playername> <amount>
    Both players put in the same amount of money in the pot, winner gets all the money.
  14. hmm, yeah sure. I will work on the bets tomorow as I am very busy today.
    Remember to report any bugs you find before you leave a bad review
  15. HOLY *** Sorry for the late implement? LOL Dude some people doesn't even respond, you are such a great guy, thanks for the multi-arenas, and the random arena thingy, i will try it!.

    And what about custom messages? That will be cool!
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  16. Bugs and things that would need a fix:

    1-When setting the Lobby it doesn't tells you anything like "Lobby Set!" or something like that, so you don't actually know if you set it correctly (it does worked when i tested it but i had to go to the config.yml).

    2-When creating a new arena i didn't understood the setsecond (i tought it was the second spawnpoint, am i correct?).

    3- When doing the /duel setsecond <arenaname> it does give an error in the console, could't find a fix to it.

    4- The other commands i could't test them because of the fact there were no arenas up for the things i already wrote.
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  17. Awesome! Can't wait.