Spigot SimpleHTTPServer v0.1

Simple API that allows you to create your own web services running inside spigot.

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    SimpleHTTPServer - This plugin provides a simple API that allows you to create your own web services running directly i

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  2. Announcement:

    I have been making plugins for Minecraft for quite some time now and I have been playing it for as long as I can remember. Finally after all this time I got fed up of it. Minecraft no longer appeals to me and it got boring. After all my friends moved away from Minecraft and after the server we ware playing got closed I slowly started to lose interest in plugin development. Currently I have no motivation to continue working on my plugins. I rarely play Minecraft, I closed my server and practically I do not get any donations for the plugins. Don't get me wrong I do not make plugins for money, if I did I would make them premium only :p. I started making plugins because I needed them for my server and when I no longer needed them I continued making them for fun. On the other hand all my plugins are feature complete and I have no ideas what to add next.

    Therefore, after tying all the lose ends regarding MCPainter and BlocksHub, I decided to give it a rest and leave minecraft and plugin development for a longer period. I do not know if and when I'm coming back. I'm still gone provide support for my plugins but I wont be adding additional features. I'm also going to fix reported bugs but its going to take much longer then recently.

    The current plugin status/plans:
    MidiPlayer: Feature complete. No further work needed/planned.

    MidiRegions: Planned a while ago, ppl ware asking for it. Currently only a basic plugin skeleton exists on github. Development dropped because I lost almost all motivation. I can consider finishing this plugin as a "sponsored plugin".

    SimpleHTTPServer: Feature complete. No further work needed/planned.

    CustomHeadAPI: Plugin broken because of Mojang removing support for custom head url's.

    BlocksHub: Feature complete. Plugin needs update when additional loggers/access controllers support is requested or API for supported plugins change. I planned to add access controller that would prevent players from breaking certain blocks.

    MCPainter: Recently pushed a release that adds support for Minecraft 1.8 and fixes few bugs. In the repository I started to work on 2 additional features: full RGB blocks, parsing and rendering of the blocks defined in minecraft assets. I had to scrap the RGB blocks because of the bad performance and because Mojand decided to block custom head url's. The second feature is 75% finished. What's need to be done: block name to material mapping, variant parameters to data value mapping, couple of rendering glitches.

    AsyncWorldEdit: Feature complete. Its going to require updates when WorldEdit API changes. I planned to add better support for low memory servers to alloe extreme edits and try to overcome the problem of light updates.

    If you have suggestions what could be added or want to convince me to continue plugin development I'm open for suggestions.

    One final thing. I'm not going to give away control of my plugins so do not ask :)
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    Thanks for making awesome plugins as our servers would have a hard time operating without these plugins.
  4. Thanks but the message that you have quoted is kinda out of date :D
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  5. Legoman99573


    Eh, your plugins make any broken plugin work :D
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  6. 1.13 Compatibility
    This plugin was tested on the latest version of spigot (1.13) and it works without any problems. No need to update.