Spigot SimpleMOTD 1.3

[1.7-1.16] A very simple Spigot plugin that sends a small message when a player joins the server.

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    SimpleMOTD - [1.7-1.15] A very simple Spigot Plugin that sends a small message when a player joins the server.

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  2. 谢谢作者给我们这么好的插件!
  3. Hey, i translated this using google translate so im sorry if there are any mistakes.
    Of course you can put this on mcbbs, but you are not allowed to reupload any of my files.
    If it is possible without reuploading it would be really nice if you could do it :)
  4. [QUOTE =“ paulmertens,文章:3686945,成员:396132”]嘿,我使用Google翻译翻译了此文档,如果有任何错误,恕我抱歉。
    如果可以不重新上传,那就可以了:)[/ QUOTE]
    'thanks :)
  5. sorry i forgot to talk to you in english
  6. I have a question
    % nl% meaning in Chinese
  7. %nl% stands for new line ( %nl% --> \n)
  8. I made a plugin with the exact same name and after I uploaded it I search the name on google and find this :\
    Well frick.
  9. You could've replaced \\n with \n before sending the MOTD to the player. In config.yml, \n gets replaced with \\n so it doesn't cause a new line. Replace \\n back to \n and problem solved
  10. Thats why you can use %nl% as a placeholder for \n
  11. I am saying you use \n for a placeholder of itself if you replace the string "\\n" with "\n".
    Plugin.yml automatically makes it so \n is actually sent to the player the same way \\n would, so replace \\n with \n :/
  12. In the new update you dont need \n anymore since its made with multiple lines now
  13. I am very confused as to what you mean.
    \n in config would send string "\\n" to the player which shows up as "\n" in chat, so use some bit of code that replaces \\n with \n before sending the string to the player and you got working \n.
    I don't see how you do not understand me, you can test it on my own MOTD plugin. Do "/motd set a\nnew line" then rejoin. It will send a message to you like this:
    new line
  14. Using %nl% instead of \n is really confusing for some people and they can forget what %nl% is and use \n accidentaly. That is why I added support for \n in my plugin
  15. Hey, I'm struggling to get it working, I put the plugin in the plugin folder is there any API I need to activate or any extra steps because nothing is displaying when I log in, other wise love the idea of this mod.
  16. Do you have any errors in the console? It should work without enabling anything.