Spigot SimpleTPA 2.5

A plugin that will add a TPA commands to your server.

  1. Dqu1J submitted a new resource:

    SimpleTPA - Simple plugin that will add a TPA command to your server.

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  2. Great plugin.

    Is there anyway that /accept can be changed to /acceptTPA or something?

    /accept conflicts with Towny since it uses the same exact command
  3. Two follow up questions. Do you know why the TPA request cancel sometimes after 2-3 seconds? It says "your teleport request timed out"

    & is there a way you can add for the teleport to cancel if someone moves or is attacked?
  4. /accept was changed to /tpaccept
    Bug with teleport request canceling in 3 seconds is fixed
    I will add a feature you requested in the next update
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