Spigot Simplistic Join Message | 1.11 Compatible! 2.2

Make your server just that more fancy!

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    SimplisticJoinMessage - Make your server just that more fancy!

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  2. Why did you include the SpigotAPI in your plugin?
  3. Sorry, What are you talking about?
    I really don't know because thats how it compiles
  4. Look at your file size, it's over 900mb since you've included the SpigotAPI in your plugin (and that's completely unnecessary).
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  5. I'm really a noob how do I fix it?
    Edit: Fixed it
  6. Depends on your IDE. You can also just open the jar file with eg 7zip or winrar and delete the "org" folder
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  7. I've fixed it now it turns out I put spigot-API.jar inside src folder. My mistake, I have ran an update now and the file size is fixed. also I am using IntelliJ Idea IDE