Simulate a player knockback

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  1. How would i simulate a player being knocked back? I was thinking of using set velocity, but that didn't seem a very efficient way as I couldn't always determine which direction the player would be hit in. Any suggestions?
  2. Setting velocity sounds like the right way to go. You can determine the direction in which the player should be hit by drawing a vector between the attacker (or the arrow, in the event of a projectile hit) and the target.

    This is what I'm using to determine a player's velocity, given the x and z components of the attack and the speed at which a player should be knocked back (0.5 is a typical speed, IIRC, but you can play around with it):

    Code (Text):
    private Vector getVelocity(double x, double z, double speed) {
        double y = 0.3333; // this way, like normal knockback, it hits a player a little bit up
        double multiplier = Math.sqrt((speed*speed) / (x*x + y*y + z*z)); // get a constant that, when multiplied by the vector, results in the speed we want
        return new Vector(x, y, z).multiply(multiplier).setY(y);
  3. I just determined got this =)
    Code (Text):
    It takes the target and launches them into the direction the attacker is looking at making it great for this.
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