Single core or multi core?

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  1. Hello guys,
    will Spigot benefit of having more than 1 core allocated? Or would TPS and other server performance values stay the same if I increase cores count?


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  2. Depends on the size of the server. If you are a very small server, and are able to complete a tick in around 25-30ms max then it doesn't matter. If you're failing to achieve 20 tps due to performance issues that are unrelated to bugs then you should for sure increase the cores.

    Having more cores allows netty, and various other operations that are on separate threads utilize cores that the main thread isn't using.. So it would make the server far more efficient, and wouldn't have such a heavy load on your core running the main thread.
  3. single core instructions per clock is most important, but adding more cores will help - just not as much as you'd think.
  4. Thanks guys! :D
    I'll think about this.. since i'm thinking to change hosting to get something cheaper as for now I have 4 cores but I didn't know if they spigot is taking any benefit from all of them
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    The servers main tick loop is ran on a single thread, but; the JVM is also doing stuff, plugins are using async tasks, etc; having extra cores is beneficial vs having a singular core try to take on all that work, noting that a core can only be doing one thing at a single point in time, having multiple lets you spread out the work load, giving more time on the CPU for your main thread...
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  6. Most of the time single core is what matters, I recommend having a CPU with maybe 2 cores and having them clocked high like a 9900k or something similar.
  7. Thanks a lot guys! So every hosting that is overselling more than 2 cores is just stealing money, right?
  8. its not stealing money lol but you probably dont need it if you dont host multiple servers
  9. Really depending on what your network is in terms of servers, but Its never a bad idea to have something more improved either!