Single survival world with multiple server instances

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  1. Hey. I started wondering if anyone has ever tried (and succeeded) to make one huge survival world run dynamically on multiple server instances with Spigot and BungeeCord?

    So you could seemingly have 1000 players in a single survival server, kind of like networks currently, but it wouldn't be just one instance but multiple instances dynamically sharing world files etc.
  2. Hey,

    You can "easily" run a thousand players on just a single instance. It would help if you had a good machine (look for the highest single-core clock speed - i9 10900K). Get a <redacted>, and you should be able to run 1000 players on a single instance if you use the right plugins/developers who know to write optimized code & understand multithreading.

    Hope it helps
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  3. I'm not looking to run anything like this and I know 1000 players is doable on modern systems with some tweaks. I am asking if anyone has done/succeeded in this because I'm just curious.
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  4. Plenty who have asked or were interested, but none that succeeded as far as I know.
  5. I could imagine it being doable for just a plain semi-vanilla world. But since there's most likely not a lot of survival servers hitting the absolute limits of an optimized server instance running on the best hardware I don't think there's much of an incentive to go through developing something as large as dynamic instances of one world.

    Surely this would be possible but a lot of pre-existing plugins would have to be rebuilt or require extremely heavy modification accommodate dynamic instances, so building a server with this idea would probably not be worth the hassle for anyone really.
  6. There are many servers like that in Poland, you can use opensectors, but I don't know if it's still maintained.
  7. I doubt you could have a seamless execution of it. Would definitely be possible with loading screens and such. Problem is concurrency between plugins. So pretty much everything on the server would have to be custom made
  8. That seems to be the thing apart from not being dynamic, at least based on some quick research on the plugin.