Siteground or Hostgator. Or other?

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  1. Title explains it. right now Hostgator's prices seem alot better for cloud hosting, but siteground seems a bit better in terms of ddos and protection, of course, correct me if i'm wrong.

    I think hostgator offers Cloudflare CDN but not sure.

    Anyway, opinions? suggestions?
  2. EDIT: I'm going to be hosting a xenforo site
  3. My experience with hostgator in the past doing forum support has been quite terrible, I've learned to tell people they're making a mistake going with hostgator.
  4. Yeah, im definitely leaning towards siteground. Thanks for your opinion!
  5. The benefit of a vps is that you're more in control as a full administrator, but of course, the easiness of shared hosting solutions is control panels to do some clicking to get stuff set up etc. LAMP solutions for VPS aren't too difficult to setup and learn - and great for xenforo.
  6. With siteground they have the gogeek plan that basically acts as a vps, being 4x faster than a shared plan. And what sitegrounds offer is pretty incredible. However i wish their cloud hosting wasn't so expensive, and i wish they offered vps.
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    Don't go with big brands like HostGator that are owned by EIG (big corp that owns a ton of companies; they have a reputation of buying web hosts then turning the company to crap, firing many employees, etc.) Also you can use CloudFlare with any domain and any host, and you should always keep your CloudFlare account and domain separate from your web host.

    Another Q: Do you need "cloud hosting" (mostly marketing gimmick) for just a forum? There are people who large Xenforo instances on a small web hosting account, you just need a higher process/io limit. If you are just starting it, you can go with the literal cheapest web hosting plan you can find and it will be fine.

    Otherwise my suggestion:
    A.) Go with SiteGround instead of HostGator
    B.) Get a good VPS for $10-20/mo then setup LNMP (Nginx and PHP 7.2-fpm)
    C.) Look at Namecheap or Stablehost web hosting plans. They both have reliable cPanel hosting.
  8. Yeah my plan was to go with siteground. However they don’t offer vps servers, atleast not with root access as far as i can tell. Do you think Sitegrounds goGeek plan with 30GB is enough for a website with potentially thousand of members. Or at what point will a vps be necessary. And recommendations for vps webhosting?
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    Ramnode or BuyVM for VPS or the two web hosts I put in my last reply, but these are unmanaged. You should save money and go with cheaper shared hosting first, because you said "potentially".. no point of spending extra money if it isn't needed.
  10. Hostgator is way overpriced
  11. Must be new to webhositing. You can protect any website with cloudflare through cloudflares site & your domains dns. Dont use the cpanel cloudflare shit.

    Better to setup a website yourself with a cheap ovh vps.
  12. What do you mean with protect?
  13. help prevent ddos attacks, dos attacks, botspam, ect. if configured right a lot more than just network based attacks. it protects the web server in many ways
  14. You can use your hosts cpanel to do the same thing. And infact they take care of alot of the setup for you. It just restricts you because if you stop using them you no longer have cloudflare.
  15. You miss out on a lot of good features & control when you do it through cpanel. Not recommended - best to use cloudflare to prevent cloudflare resolvers easily anyway
  16. Ok, any guides or tutorials on how to set it up? I agree with you that i should use cloudflare to set it up, that way if i stop using my host it's still set up.
  17. not to mention;
  18. Cloudflares ssl only covers the connection from the user to cloudflare; not cloudflare to your webserver. You must enable full-ssl on cloudflare & use a letsencrypt cert to have full SSL
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