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  1. I've searched forever and I've only found 2 solutions..

    MyPet but the support seems to be horrible so features I'm looking for wouldn't even be looked at by the Dev.

    The other was SurvivalPets but the Dev is inactive and the plugin doesn't support 1.11.2 only 1.10 if anyone could update it that would be nice.

    MiniaturePets is definitely not what I'm looking for.

    EchoPet is also not anything like what I'm searching for.

    Do you guys know any other plugins that has pets with special skills?

    I've searched on google but that didn't really come up with any solutions.
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  2. I actually looked at that beforehand and suggested adding some features which he said were cool and may be added in a future update or a completely different addon for the plugin.
  3. bumping would be nice to get some suggestions here :)
  4. How do you mean "Special Skills"

    1. Pets can fight with you, dog can use "Bite", creeper can use "Explode"

    2. Pets can assist you with finding loot, creeper can use "Explode" for mining, dog can use "Dig" and find random loot every 5 minutes, cat can use "Scratch" and make players bleed

    or ?
  5. more like #1
  6. bumping, i could really use some suggestions if anyone has any.
    EDIT: found a solution nvm thanks everyone who tried to help!
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