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  1. I will definitely donate the $20 if I decide to go with SkillAPI because I know how much work you put into this stuff. I am not quite sure what the advantages of the premium version are, but maybe I'll find out :)
    Still have some more questions:

    1.) Do you have any idea when the wiki will be done, there are still some explanations missing that I'd love to read more about (like exp source -> command or exp source - special - what is this?)

    2.) Am I able to enhance a skill effect through an item that has a specia lore? For example: I am casting the spell "knockback". by default my enemy is thrown away 10 blocks. Now I have a iron sword with lore "skill enhance: x2" in my hand. I am casting the spell "knockback" and the player gets thrown away 20 blocks. Is this possible somehow?
  2. Wiki Completeness
    The wiki slowly gets filled in, but there's just a lot of information for me to get on there while I'm also battling bugs and other requests everyone brings to me. I can't really give an exact date for this.

    Enhance skills via items
    Yes, there's the "Value Lore" mechanic which lets you pull numbers from items and apply them to damage, buffs, durations, or anything else you can think of. You can read up on values in general here.

    Premium Differences
    The extras in the premium version are listed here, which is also linked to on the premium project page.
  3. Code (Text):
      name: 'Fendente'
      type: 'Dynamic'
      max-level: 3
      skill-req: 'None'
      skill-req-lvl: 1
      needs-permission: 'false'
      msg: '&6{player} &2has cast &6{skill}'
      combo: ''
      icon: 'DIAMOND_AXE'
      icon-data: 0
      - '&d{name} &7({level}/{max})'
      - '&2Type: &6{type}'
      - ''
      - '{req:level}Level: {attr:level}'
      - '{req:cost}Cost: {attr:cost}'
      - ''
      - '&2Mana: {attr:mana}'
      - '&2Cooldown: {attr:cooldown}'
      level-base: 5
      level-scale: 5
      cost-base: 1
      cost-scale: 3
      cooldown-base: 7
      cooldown-scale: 0
      mana-base: 10
      mana-scale: 0
      type: 'trigger'
      icon-key: ''
      type: 'target'
      icon-key: 'accettatasingle'
      range-base: 3
      range-scale: 0
      tolerance-base: 4
      tolerance-scale: 0
      group: 'Enemy'
      wall: 'False'
      Damage Lore-c:
      type: 'mechanic'
      icon-key: ''
      counts: 'True'
      hand: 'Main'
      regex: 'Damage: {value}'
      multiplier-base: 3
      multiplier-scale: 0
      true: 'False'
    My skill doens't work, i link it to a wood axe and it say "Fendente has been bound to Wood Axe" but when i use the skills it put con cd axe (like if i hit) but doesn't do anything else.
    How can i fix it?
  4. Does your axe have lore on it that matches "Damage: {value}", such as "Damage: 3"? This does not include NBT tags.
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  5. Eniripsa96 updated SkillAPI with a new update entry:

    Experience gain fix

    Read the rest of this update entry...

    Also for those having scoreboard issues, a fix was released for MCCore involving updating the scoreboard. The download link is updated under dependencies.
    #587 Eniripsa96, Sep 14, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2016
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  6. Hello guys! Hi @Eniripsa96
    I'm having a bit of a trouble with one class that i have made.It has a passive skill speed boost 1 and it seems that i can not apply over that passive skill higher level of the speed boost with armor enchants, beacons effects, pots and even commands.
    Can someone help me resolve this one please? Idk if i have done something wrong and can apply over it or it is this way...
    Thanks !
  7. Hey @Eniripsa96
    your bugfix :
    Fixed experience issues involving dealing damage with skills
    dont work, i get still no Experience when i kill a mob with an skill.
    Can you take a look again at it. Maybe you can come on my Server and i Show you?

    But the bug with the Scoreboard is fixed thanks for this.
  8. I'm not sure how you tried to set it up. You'll need to provide more details in order to receive help.
    I'll fiddle around with it a bit more and see if I spot anything.

  9. I think it has something to do with the damage effect, i think the plugin do not know that the damage comes from the Player who casts the spell.

    And the update for the Scoreboard dont work, i have tested it 2 days now and the bug is already there, that the classes by an multiple account would not select correctly, only if you relogg the right class is loaded.
    #592 Battlelore22, Sep 15, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2016
  10. Ah! So i have to put a lore in the axe because default lores doesn't work right ?
  11. right, default NBT (you are saying lore) as in attack +4 they are not used for the "Lore Value"
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  12. Skill damage is aware of who is causing the damage. As for scoreboards, I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Do you mean when changing accounts, the scoreboard doesn't match?
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  13. Yeah the Scoreboard sometimes doesnt match and the class in the "TAB" list doenst match too. My Player has Chosen the class "A" but Class "B"is shown, after relogg / class reload he has class "A" back
  14. How can I learn on how to make my own custom skills? I tried reading the Wiki and also using the examples, but it's still too complicated for me. Any tips on how I can learn quicker?
  15. use the tool http://eniripsa96.github.io/SkillAPI/
  16. ok. it makes it really easy. If you have read the wiki, and are using the tool, and have studied the examples... can you ask a specific question using screenshots of the tool for you skill?

    Otherwise it's like the blind leading the blind friend.