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  1. Just practice, 2 weeks ago i was like you xD
    No tutorials, just read descriptions of options
  2. More questions:

    1.) What is /class options ? It only displays Class: none, Race: none (but I have set a class and race for my character).
    2.) I have 2 classes, one has group "race" and one has group "class". My character is in both of them. But I am only leveling the class with group "class". How can I make it so that I can level the class with group "race" as well?
    3.) Can I let the player decide which subclass to choose once he reached a specific level in his current class? For example, I have 10 subclasses and 5 main classes. If any of the main classes are maxed (Level 50) I want the player to be able to join one of the 10 subclasses and he decides which subclass he wants to join. How would this be possible?
  4. You can adjust each group of classes to level up via many different methods.

    If you look in the editor you will see those options listed in good english. If you look at the YAML it is not as easy to detect.

    Some examples are breaking/placing blocks, smelting, kills, command, quest, special, etc
  5. How can I make a wooden hoe cast snowballs that'll deal damage? I can only make it to where I can cast a snowball only if I have a wooden hoe in my inventory.
  6. The player needs to use /class bind skillname

    while holding the tool they wish to bind it to.
  7. Ahh okay, thank you!
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  9. i regrouped my questions xD
  10. i can't test it right now, but did you tried something like that ? :
    Trigger: Crouch (both) :
    => Condition Crouch (True)
    ==> Target Self
    ===> Potion Invisibility (long time)
    => Condition Crouch (False)
    ==> Target Self
    ===> Cleanse Invisibility

    i think that should work...
  11. it don't use the skill xD
  12. oh... do you mean something like :
    - I crouch, nothing happen
    - I use the skill stealth
    - I crouch again and I become invisible ?

    if not then can you explain want you want? i don't get it.
  13. I made the skill u describe in the top comment, but it don't do anything.
    Now i have a skill that give 5 seconds of stealth when i press crouch and it could be interrupted everything i want by pressing the key-number.
    But it isn't what i want, because everybody can just press shift 1 time and get 5 seconds of stealth.
  14. I have this off but I still get this message.
  15. Have you reloaded or better restarted the server?
  16. hmmm.. for some reason I cant use the attribution function. Not that I can't open the GUI page for attribution points or customize GUI page, at GUI page attribution items move around and points doesnt upgrades when clicked.
  17. When copying a tier of conditions, values, and sounds in the dynamic editor it causes an anomaly with sound mechanic slots. It takes it adds an irremovable extra sound line "ambient cave". I had to go into the yml of the skill and edit the sound section manually to fix my own skill or would have had to revert to a backup. This happens when you click the COPY button at the top of whichever tier contains the sound mechanic card.
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  18. if player change their class did their old class data will auto clear? or can they change back?
  19. they have 5 class accounts to switch around with /class acct 1, /class acct 2, etc
    can use /class list
    to see those levels.

    You can configure and add more or less of these accounts as default or by a vip permission. All in the docs of this plugin's wiki. Enjoy.