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  1. There is a bug with the skill bar, if you shift click a skillbar item it will go into your inventory allowing people to get free items.
  2. Code (Text):
      # Details for connecting to the database
        host: 'localhost'
        port: '3306'
        database: 'plugins'
        username: 'root'
        password: '*****'

      # Whether or not to use an SQL database to save
      sql-database: 'true'
    Connection not on MYSQLo_O
  3. Anyone know why it says in chat "you need x mana" when I call mana something else in the class.yml?
    Is there something else I need to add to change this?

    Any update on this?
    Recap: Setting to only display attribute changing in the skill tree not in the skill its self, it would instead show the current level of that attribute (example {attr:dmg.value}).
    Added two screen shots below showing what I mean.
    What it should look like in the Skill Tree: Image
    What it should look like in the skill Hot Bar: Image

    Edit2: Would be great if message-radius was set to 0 it would only message the player casting the skill.
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  4. EDIT: NVM, we got it work!


    I need to disable skillAPI class level so we can turn on nick above people head, we try to disable this:
    # Whether or not to display a player's level below their name
    show-class-level: 'true'

    And somehow people lost theirs inventory. There is no error on console, latest skillAPI.

    Please help!
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  5. @Eniripsa96
    Do you work at the bugs with getting no Classexp for killing Mobs with Skills?
    And the bug that the Scoreboard sometimes doesnt match with the class in the "TAB" . My Player has Chosen the class "A" but Class "B"is shown, after relogg / class reload he has class "A" back
  6. Hi,

    Are mobs killed by skills dont drop any exp?
    I have exp sources set to mobs, command, and quest.
    Also on config: use-exp-orbs: 'true'
  7. Only the exp-orbs will drop but i mean the Skillapi EXP
  8. oh I have diff problem not mean to reply you x)
  9. Why not connect to MYSQL?
  10. If you're not connecting to MySQL successfully, you likely don't have the information entered properly or your database is not currently active.
    You should be able to get experience from mobs. I've heard issues about this but have done work on it. If it's still not working for you, I may need more information, such as skills used and mobs killed.
  11. Bump for

    I have another couple of questions as well (sorry).
    1. What would be the best way of giving passive bonus Max HP when not using the Attribute system?
      I tried making a passive skill that applied a Health Boost to the player, however that did not work out too well with the player getting "staggered" the the effect was applied.
    2. Is it possible to get variables in the message skill? Example the player whom casted the skill on the target and any attribute values of said spell. I tried {attr:my.skill.value}, however it did not display.
    3. This one is more of a request, would it be possible (if it didn't break everything) to have an option when using skill bars that skills have to be activated by "holding" (being selected) and using either mouse buttons instead of the auto use now? The problem I have now is I am kinda limited to having the skills in the first bars as if I put them anywhere else, its hard for the player to scroll past it to get to the other side of the hotbar.
    Thanks for your great work!

    Edit: Another question.

    I have an issue where it's not letting me change my class. I have the following settings enabled. (I have also tried changing class to something else with no luck),
    Classes > group: 'class'
    Config > main-class-group: 'class'
    Groups > class.default: 'Citizen' & profess-reset: 'true' & can-reset: 'true'
    /class options > \/
    Console is stating all classes are being loaded and none of the classes/groups have permission requirements.
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  12. Hi, trying to kill a vanilla zombie with hurricane strike. The same skill killed mythicmobs mob and get exp just fine (thanks for that!).
    On config for exp: zombie: '1'
    This is the skill:
    Code (Text):

    Hurricane Strike:
      name: 'Hurricane Strike'
      type: 'Dynamic'
      max-level: 5
      skill-req-lvl: 1
      needs-permission: 'false'
      combo: 'L R L R'
        cost-base: '0'
        cooldown-scale: '0'
        cost-scale: '1'
        level-scale: '0'
        level-base: '1'
        mana-base: '10'
        mana-scale: '0'
        cooldown-base: '5'
      msg: '&6{player} &2has cast &6{skill}'
      icon: 'JACK_O_LANTERN'
      icon-data: 0
      - '&d{name} &7({level}/{max})'
      - '&2Type: &6{type}'
      - ''
      - '{req:level}Level: {attr:level}'
      - '{req:cost}Cost: {attr:cost}'
      - ''
      - '&2Mana: {attr:mana}'
      - '&2Cooldown: {attr:cooldown}'
      desc:  []
          type: 'trigger'
            icon-key: ''
              type: 'target'
                caster: 'False'
                max-base: '99'
                radius-scale: '0'
                icon-key: ''
                radius-base: '3'
                wall: 'False'
                group: 'Enemy'
                max-scale: '0'
                  type: 'mechanic'
                    counts: 'True'
                    value-scale: '1'
                    true: 'False'
                    icon-key: ''
                    type: 'Damage'
                    value-base: '3'
                  children:  {}
                  type: 'mechanic'
                    counts: 'True'
                    icon-key: ''
                    message: 'Hurricane Strike!'
                  children:  {}
                  type: 'mechanic'
                    pitch-scale: '0'
                    counts: 'True'
                    volume-base: '100'
                    volume-scale: '0'
                    icon-key: ''
                    pitch-base: '1'
                    version: '1.9+'
                    newsound: 'Entity Generic Explode'
                  children:  {}
  13. Giving passive HP
    You've listed both options and attributes is meant to handle that. The premium version accentuates that by letting you hide attributes, using them specifically for this purpose.

    Variables in the message skill
    Yes, variables are supported in the message skill, though different than the icons. It supposed variables from the Value mechanics, and would just be the same key used. For example, Value Set setting a value of 5 to the key "example" would let you use "{example}" in the message mechanic.

    Non-instant skill bar option
    This is something I can look into. With some of the concepts in the premium version such as cast previews, I think this could improve the skill bar quite a bit.

    Changing class issue
    Make sure your other classes set "Citizen" as their parent.
  14. Code (Text):

      # Whether or not to auto save data periodically
      auto-save: 'false'

      # How often to auto-save in minutes
      minutes: '30'

      # Whether or not to use an SQL database to save
      sql-database: 'true'

      # Details for connecting to the database
        host: 'localhost'
        port: '3306'
        database: 'skillapi'
        username: 'root'
        password: '*****'
    Excuse me, is this the right configuration for me?
    Also can not connect MYSQL
  15. Thank you so much for the reply.
    I understand and I am on board with everything and the premium version is decently on my Christmas wishlist (The else condition for failed skills ect pretty much sold me)

    I have Citizen as the Parent, however it still wont let me change into the other classes "You cannot profess to this class currently".
    I have no skill points used, no class restrictions and forcing from console does not allow it either.

    I just want a default class for people silly enough not to pick as well as other classes of the same tier they can swap between.


    Is it possible to increase stats of skills via other skills?
    For example, I have a skill called "Heal" that heals 2% of the maximum HP.
    The player then chooses a skill called "Boost Them Heals" that adds another 1% for either any healing skills or just healing skills I choose.
    Or would its have to be more tier based like "Heal Tier 1" heals 2%, "Heal Tier 2" heals 3% ect?

    Edit: 2
    Would it be possible to alter the sound mechanic with a new option under the 1.9+ called "Custom" that would created a new field option to place your custom sound name?
    I'd much rather it be part of the API then make a command to run;
    Code (Text):
    player.playSound(player.getLocation(), "customSoundFromResourcePack", 1, 1);
    Thanks again.
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  16. Hi all,

    I've been working with SkillAPI for about 2 weeks now and I must say I am astounded at how much configuration is put into this plugin. I've only got one question which I've scoured the wiki to find. At one point, I'm pretty sure I did find the answer, but the screenshot showing the example was missing :(

    Anyway, my questions:
    What do I type to use a value I've stored in a damage mechanic? For example, I stored dexterity attribute as key 'dex'. I've tried {attr:dex} and {dex} but neither worked. From what chalkie has asked, I'm assuming it's very possible, I just don't know how to do it.

    My second question: are we able to do math within damage values? For example, taking from my first question, could we set a damage value to be 5 + {attr:dex}? I know it's possible to do this in the config using | and such, but it'd be much cleaner to contain each of these in their individual damage files rather than make a 500 character long line in the config.

    Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi,

    I have two different class group. One is for race which have no levels or skills, and another is battle style in which player can level up and raise skill. Somehow, sometimes on certain players they can't open /class skill and allocate theirs skillpoints until they reset. Any way to solve that?