Solved Skin Plugin that gives you skin without other player having it

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Is it possible?

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  1. Hi there,

    Is there a skin plugin that can give you a skin without a player even having the skin. Like using a Skindex link or something like that. Normally plugins can set your skin using other player's skin but one without someone's skin. Is it possible because I want to add a feature to my PVP server that you can unlock skins instead of having your own.

    Edit: I'm also really bad at explaining sorry. I hope you understand.

  2. I think it can't be possible.

    From all the plugins I had used and saw, no one has ever been able to do that.
    For example,

    Citizens uses another player's skin to change the skin of the NPC
    BungeeNPC can use a file but it works on a really interesting way:
    It uploads the skin and applies it to a Minecraft player account.
    Then it uses that player to apply it to the NPC

    Don't trust me a lot on this one, but I have a feeling that is impossible (or really hard) to do that.
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  3. Oh, Thanks Then :)
  4. SkinsRestorer has skin files thing. I use it for a minigame where players get infected and their skin is changed to an infected steve skin.
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  5. I think one of the developers has the skin or something. Or they could have made a script where it's kind of like Citizens when you add -t at the end of the skin it stays the skin no matter what, I'm pretty sure they did the same thing for theirs but if do I don't know the plugin name/java code for something like that.

    Edit: Wait nevermind I just looked at the plugin and OMG THX SO MUYCHSKGFFDSGJSDF
  6. I was just wondering if it's possible to have an NPC using the Citizens 2 plugin to have a custom skin that isn't on a player (either by uploading it to a URL or putting it in a folder on the server) either with Citizens itself or with an addon plugin? VidMate TeaTV Shareit
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  7. If you put your own skin as a custom one but set the Citizens skin as yours but with a -t at the end.
    Example: /npc skin alfred0809 -t
    The "-t" is so when you change your skin it stays as the one you put.
    I hope you understand

    So if I changed my skin to lets say... a creeper skin and I done /npc skin MyName -t

    When I change back to my normal skin the NPC would have the creeper skin
  8. player only needs to have the skin once, after that they can change skin to anything and their skin value can still be used for skulls and skins, Mojang stores every skin permanently, even if the user stops using it.
  9. Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks :)