Skin Problem!

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  1. When I add my 1v1 server to bungeecord the skins on that server are either deformed steve skins, or alex skins. Im pretty sure it's a Bungee problem!! Please help me out!
  2. Is your server on offline mode and make sure your bungee cord and spigot build is update.
  3. is it supposed to be on offline mode??
  4. 1) bungeecord online mode
    2) backend servers should be spigot servers
    3) spigot servers offline mode
    4) bungeecord config.yml ip forwarding on
    5) spigot servers spigot.yml bungeecord on
    6a) if bungee NOT on same machine as spigot servers:
    - either set up firewall so only your bungee can connect to spigot backend servers (ONLY BLOCK THESE SPECIFIC PORTS)
    - or use onlyproxyjoin plugin on every spigot server (not recommended if you get issues with ip forwarding and this plugin, then consider using 6a or ask your host to do so)
    6b) if bungee and spigot servers on same machine: set spigot backend servers server adress to
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  5. what IP do I set it to in OnlyProxyJoin??/ Is it the Bungee server?
  6. yes