Skin restorer error

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Elvnium, May 9, 2015.

  1. I get this error [SkinsRestorer] Skin fetch failed for player Elvnium: Rate limited
    with this plugin:
    If anyone knows the fix pls tell me.
    Here are my plugins: WE, Questioner, TitleMOTD, Gamemodeinventories, Essentials, GroupManager, Merchants, Announcer, WorldBroder, Lockette, Votifier, ProtocolLIb(required for SkinsRestorer), WG, KitAdder, AuraJoin, Shopkeepers, CommandWatcher, ServerListPlus, Valut, GAListener, PvPManager, ChestShop, AuthMe, Towny, Auction, Ontime, Buyregion
  2. Not sure if relevant; as documented here you can see there's a limit on how often you can request the skin of a player. If you go over that limit your request gets refused. The socumentation only lists a 1 request per minute per player but there might also be a global limit, eg. 20 requests per minute.
  3. Yea, there is limit for each player it's 10 minutes. I tried command /skin set with another player and it says the same rate limited