Skin set from BungeeCord

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Plugin Development' started by matgsan, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. There is a way that i can handle the skin change from bungeecord?
    I know that exists bukkit plugins that do that, but i am wondering if its possible to do with bungeecord.

    Need to edit initialhandler?
    If so how?

    Anyone could help?
  2. I know this dude, but this needs to put the plugin in every server. I want to put just in the bungee
  3. I do not think that can be done
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  4. You can put SkinRestorer in BungeeCord

  5. But i need to put the plugin into every bukkit server also
  6. I believe there is no need, only on bungeecord and you are good to go, unless you want instant updates (not having to relogin)
  7. I tried and nothing happens
  8. Your own picture says that it needs to be installed for every server if it's for BungeeCord. Look at the bottom near the "For BungeeCord" section.
  9. "For instant skin updates"

    Its when you want to change your skin without quiting and joining the proxy