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  1. I use skinrestorer and players with cracked minecraft cant see skins, how can i fix that.
    And i dont know why but if players left the server they spawn npcs with their names?!
    Posnetek zaslona (36).png
  2. Cracked players can't see players' heads in tablist and that cannot be changed.
    Also NPCs must be shown in the tablist for them to be loaded, else you couldn't see them. It cannot be changed too.
  3. Spigot doesn't support offline servers.

    NPC can be removed from tablist using a plugin.
  4. What if i use Paper or is that the same as spigot?
    And those npcs are players who left the server so how can i delete this
  5. Yeah it is the same as spigot. You are using combat log I guess? It depends on the plugin
  6. they are automatically removed by the NPC plugin, but they must show at least once to be shown to the player, else the player won't be able to see them. That's a minecraft limitation

    EDIT: Oh, didn't see that tcmcraft said that they are players who left, then idk