Universal SkinsRestorer 14.1.15

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode)(Bungee/Spigot/Sponge/Velocity)

  1. MaRoTheTroLLeR submitted a new resource:

    SkinsRestorer - Skins for 1.8 Offline mode (Spigot)

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  2. Just a note: this does work with spigot protocol and with mcpc 1.7.10, you just need to select correct version in config.
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  3. Thanks ! Working well on spigot 1.8, but perhaps you can say in overview, we can see only others skins not our :)
  4. are you using BungeeCord ?
  5. Change your version in config. Is this so hard?
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  6. upload_2014-12-1_15-48-45.png
    And you Protocollib
  7. this protocollib is for 1.8 spigot not the protocol one
  8. I need to fix
    The My server was 1.8.
  9. You are using spigot protocol, you need to select protcol version and use protocol protocollib.
    Have you even tried thinking at least a little?
  10. Ummm
    is that right?
    sorry I'm stupid
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  11. T_T Not work
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  12. Found an issue, will fix it for spigot protocol soon.
  14. Looks great..can't wait to try it