Universal SkinsRestorer 14.1.6

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode)(Bungee/Spigot/Sponge/velocity)

  1. Same here, was working yesterday, and not today, npc have skins;players no.
  2. Yea....I don't know what happened..
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  3. hello, my server do not go skins, put "/ skinsrestorer update" and the skin stays orstiven alex. Yesterday worked well :/
    Sorry for my English, I am Spanish.
    Thanks :D
  4. On my server too
    all players are Steve
  5. I have this problem too, was working yesterday, and today nothing :/
  6. I've got the same problem of "EndoSiA", gepardo43, Godgif etc...

    All players are Steave
  7. I have a problem, the plugin reads well bungee cord, have the latest version of Yamler also the latest version of bungeecord that came out yesterday, but the skins are read, and servers SkinBukkitModule.jar folder is created , what I do?
  8. mcapi.ca changes is API, could you update skinsrestorer plz ? :)
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  9. I have an error with the MySQL of the plugin.
    Code (Text):
    09:20:13 [INFO] [SkinsRestorer] Connected to MySQL!
    09:20:13 [INFO] [SkinsRestorer] MySQL error: Multiple primary key defined
    Because we have 4 proxies that use the plugin.
  10. @Th3Tr0LLeR skins not working or mojang/mcapi server down? Everyone's skins just disappeared and not working ;/
  11. i don't know why, but plugin DID restore skins, but next day it stopped? why? im just normal steve now, and other players are also. and console say plugin loaded successfully ( sorry for my bad english, im not from england. )
  12. Same /w me
    just MP you Troller [u can ignore]
    now i know this is not happening just to me so it's not my problem.

    hope you will not have any BIG'O problems fixing this.
    Just waiting for new "fixed" update :)
    Love this plugin [pack] and i hope it will pass-by these problems.
  13. hello have a problem in vanish mode with vanishnopacket the players can see using the command skin set for change the skin in vanish no errors in console i returned to 10.4 version for spigot 1.8.9
  14. Too
  15. Please fix the new update! I have no skins on my server! Or please rollback the plugin to the phase it worked properly!
  16. MC Skin API is dont working! Skins is not see!
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