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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by DekoLP, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Hey SpigotMC community!

    How would it about adding Skrill as payment gateway. With Skrill it would be possible to pay Plugins with paysafecard too. Skrill is like PayPal but with more options to add money to the account like paysafecard.

    ~ DekoLP
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  2. Nice idea!
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  3. MiniDigger


    the problem is that the payment gateway that spigot uses needs to support it
    I don't think that the currently used one does.
  4. Yeah but if you want to pay a plugin with paysafecard and the developer dont need a paysafecard then you need to exchange paysafecard to PayPal and this is very unsafe
  5. Only going to happen if the plugin for premium resources supports.
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  6. Maximvdw


    Lol, would love the opposite
  7. Maximvdw


    Bdgates for xenforo 2 will support it most likely. But I don't see spigot updating soon
  8. MikeA

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    Skrill is (or at least, once was) a shady company. Not to mention it's sometimes extremely hard if you're a merchant to get an account with them. Back like 2 years ago I had applied for a merchant account, they requested info so I gave them all of my business papers and personal information, then the verification process was on hold for literally over a year. It seems they have a very bad staffing issue or they don't accept businesses from North America.

    I'd recommend checking out PaymentWall. It does take some time to get payouts from them, but they let you collect payments from over a hundred other payment gateways (like Paysafe, if you pass the normal Paysafe requirements by providing business info), bank transfers, local currencies, etc.

    Obviously this is different since I'm talking about this as a business merchant, but still, it's safer to go with a company that you know will reply to you.

    Edit: Sorry I was kind of going on about this as if you were to use, but this isn't something Spigot should add, and it's not possible anyways. Would be a good idea to accept payments separately unless it goes against some Spigot rule, since I haven't read it since I was moderator last and that was a looong time ago now.
  9. Paymentwall dont have paysafe anymore lol
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  10. Still working normally
  11. Not in the german area
  12. It work for me: (the owner has maybe disabled this payment method)
  13. No, I already tried it. Paysafe dont works in germany austria and other lands [with paymentwall]
    But it works with PayGol

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